Lou Doillon French Muse [via Trendland.net]

[From TrendLand.net] Just found the latest pictures and Illustrations of our Favorite French Muse : Lou Doillon
See Lou in the Romantics Cazals Video

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“In My Room” Editorial [ via Trendland.net ]

[ via TrendLand.net] Ipsum Planet is a Spanish studio of creators, graphic designers, art directors and writers. It was founded in 1994 by Ramón Fano, Javier Abio and Rubén Manrique. They are guilty of each issue of NEO2. Ipsum Planet has exhibited in Arco, Sonar, Art Futura and Palais de Tokyo. This is an editorial from the latest issue of NEO2, one of our favorite Spanish Magazines.

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Danny Roberts Fashion Illustrations [ via trendland.net ]

Another ( young ) Fashion Illustrator, Danny Roberts ( or Igor + Andre ) is a 23 year old Californian with great drawings skills. I can tell you right now he is growing fast, the whole web has started talking about him and he is gonna be huge… Check his Flickr and Blog for many many more… [original trendland.net]

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Just JR

[Post from Trend.Land] We Already introduce you the Amazing Just JR here, but we are in deep love with his work – The French Master of Fashion Collage is bringing more than just AMAZING collage – He also offer the mp3 Soundtrack of EVERY single Runway – connected, connected !! –


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Method Studios

Here is some really cool work from Method Studios; Method creates Visual Effects for commercials, music videos and feature films. I love this Mountain Dew animation. The Levi’s “MoonWalker” is so good that it made me want to go out and try to fill my pants with helium and float liek a hot air balloon. This ad definitely needs a “do not try this at home” tag.

Do The Dew : “Spy vs. Spy Helicopter”

Levi’s “Moonwalker”

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ChicTopia – Fashion Networking

ChicTopia is a network where stylish people can connect and rate each others styles. People upload pictures of themselves as well as inspiration images; which include illustrations, collages, photos of muses, etc, must haves, and look books. Its definitely worth having a browse.


ChicTopia Profiles

ChicTopia Profiles

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For the FONT Lovers

I discovered this super cool website dedicated to Font lovers. Using FontStruct anyone can create, share, and download fonts. Here is a quick step by step of creating a font, I cant not wait to start playing with this. Some kids like video games others like to build fonts… Continue reading

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