Desert Boots are where its at. I have been telling you boys since before Fall 07, and I still am not really seeing too much of that look, or at least done well. You need to get your self a sick pair of desert/work boots and go out into the wilderness to break them in. Don’t even think about coming back to civilization before they look and feel just right. After you have accomplished that part of the mission, find the chicest thing in your wardrobe and combine it with that for the ultimate jaw dropper. But no really, a good pair of desert boots can be worn with almost anything.

Here is Justin assuming his role as the new face of Givenchy “Play” at the presentation of the brand’s new fragrance at Mini Palais on the Champs Elysees, Paris.

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2 Responses to DESERT BOOTS Set The Tone

  1. LalaBlahBlah says:

    Who did Justin pay to break those in : P

  2. Mini Boss says:

    HIs sidekick midget, he is actually in the boots in that pic.

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