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ChicTopia – Fashion Networking

ChicTopia is a network where stylish people can connect and rate each others styles. People upload pictures of themselves as well as inspiration images; which include illustrations, collages, photos of muses, etc, must haves, and look books. Its definitely worth having a browse. Continue reading

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For the FONT Lovers

I discovered this super cool website dedicated to Font lovers. Using FontStruct anyone can create, share, and download fonts. Here is a quick step by step of creating a font, I cant not wait to start playing with this. Some kids like video games others like to build fonts Continue reading

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Kakuyasu Uchiide’s Eyelash Creatures

The brilliant Japanese head make-up artist, Kakuyasu Uchiide, of renowned Shu Uemura cosmetics will give you beauty obsessed people a tour through his current false eyelash collection for instant transformation into a mysterious Egyptian princess, an extravagant bird or a magical wood elf… We are not being silly here. PingMag spoke also to Uchiide about the perfectionist standards of beauty in Japan. Continue reading

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Fashion 156

Fashion 156 is a great website which covers almost all the bases of fashion. Founder Guy Hipwell is always on the search for new creativity on the rise. He collaborates with make-up artists, hairstylist, and photographers to style the next looks in fashion in his editorial work found in the fashion section of his site. Fashion 156 covers style, fashion, beauty, must have’s and much more, so if you are looking for inspiration or just feel like getting lost pay Fashion 156 a visit. Continue reading

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Youngest Womens U.S. Open of Surf Champion

14 year old, Malia Manuel made a new record when she won the U.S. Open of Surfing in Hunnington Beach on Saturday. Malia Manuel and Coco Ho, two up-and-coming teenagers from Hawaii, were the final two competitors remaining at the … Continue reading

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Marc Jacobs Getting Marrried This Weekend?!

Marc Jacobs might get married this weekend, or at least according to a rumor reported on The story is that Jacobs will wed his Brazilian boyfriend, Lorenzo Martone, in Paris — you didn’t expect him to hotfoot it to tacky California, did you? Over in France gays can legally “marry” by signing what’s called a civil solidarity pact. Sounds so simple. God forbid things were so easy over here… Continue reading

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Comme Louis Vuitton

In an extraordinary collaboration, Louis Vuitton, the ultimate French luxury brand, and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons, the ultimate fashion rebel, will open a joint Tokyo store in September – an ephemeral three-month space where six one-off bags, designed by Kawakubo in the LV monogram pattern, can be ordered by shoppers. This will take place in the Omotesando Commes Des Shop. Kawakubo has re-designed the entire Comme des Garcons store on Kottodori, Omotesando for the Vuitton project. Carcelle says that LV is investing in the store, and that any financial profits will be divided. Continue reading

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