Leading Ladies in Hollywood


Cameron Diaz reveals a striking new look – a bald cap! – while filming a scene Wednesday for My Sister’s Keeper on the Santa Monica Pier. In the film, Diaz plays a mother who shaves her head in solidarity with her daughter who has leukemia. —umm kind of a shocker, she looks more like shes working on Coneheads 4!


Michelle Williams, who has been maintaining a low profile since Heath Ledger’s death, hits the red carpet Thursday at Cannes, where she’s on hand to promote her two films, Wendy and Lucy and Synecdoche, New York. —She looks so darling and fresh.


From the red carpet to aisle 7: After being the talk of Cannes, Angelina Jolie settles back into everyday mom mode Wednesday with a shopping trip to a Toys ‘R’ Us in Nice, France. Also along for the ride: Brad Pitt (not pictured). — and twins on the way! you gotta love Mother Teresa Jolie!

Brought to you directly from People Magazines online Star Tracks.


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