Awaseba : The Virtual Fitting Room

Online shoppers have been waiting for this: a software application that allows users to virtually try-on clothing and accessories on their personal computer. Now Avielon Co. is debuting one, called Awaseba.

The product is being marketed to online retailers, who can then feature the Awaseba service on their sites. A one-year rental fee for the program costs ¥630,000 (about $6,000).

In exchange, the service is free for the online shoppers, who create an account with an email address and password login. First-time users simply upload a photo of themselves onto the Awaseba server that will function as their virtual self inside the virtual fitting room.

It is inevitable that with all the online shopping going on today and the predicted growth of online sales in the future, many softwares/programs will be developed to create a more hands on/ interactive ways to shop. I read about Awaseba via the Killian Nakamura Blog, where I got sometimes to stay in tune with trends in Japan. This program does not sound phenomenal but it will definitely provoke some programmers to creat something even more clever.


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