Keller’s Killer Shoes

Keller beige flats

I just spotted a new brand with some killer shoes. The ankle boots remind me of a vintage pair I bought in New York for $4 which dated back to the 1940’s. Despite them being 2 sizes too big I wore them to death justifying to myself that Pipi Longstocking never wore shoes her size either.

Keller is a New York based clothing and shoe line created by Kelly Clark.

The name Keller comes from a nickname given to her by her close friends.
“I want to create a line that reinvents itself each season by incorporating a fresh
purpose into classic ideas. I feel dedicated to the creation of subtle yet effective
pieces…clothing that is timeless, the kind that stays in your wardrobe forever.”

Kelly Clark was born and raised in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. She learned to
sew from her mother, Diane, at an early age. Kelly received her B.F.A. in Fine Art
and Art History from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She later went on to
receive her A.A.S. in Fashion Design from F.I.T. in New York.

Keller is based in Brooklyn, NY.


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6 Responses to Keller’s Killer Shoes

  1. patchi says:

    where can i buy her shoes?

  2. kozel says:

    sick , no? totally our style. which ones do you like best? i just put in a an inquiry, ill let you know.

  3. patchi says:

    all of them!! but really probably the first and one of the last two (leaning to black). but i love the 2nd one too……..

  4. kozel says:

    its means goat in bulgarian. i was a goat in another life. i will have a pet goat before anything else. in god we trust in brooklyn will have them probably next week. im trying to find out if any other stores have them. me want some too.

  5. kozel says:

    from the designer:
    “Well for now In God We Trust (718.388.2012) is the only place that will have them. I did a limited run for the Spring collection. I suggest putting your name on their waiting list since there are not a lot! They will be there by Wednesday for sure. “

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