Introducing Cyana Boutique

The Looks

mens-look.jpg womens-look.jpg

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Cyana Boutique, an online shop from a stylists perspective. Cyana Boutique is made up of hand selected items of our favorite upcoming designers. Everything on the online is available in very limited quantities, if not only one. These items can be from past seasons or upcoming seasons that have not yet hit. Sometimes we get super lucky and we get our hands on one of a kind, never produced samples, those are the best! We all know that the pieces that do not make production are usually the coolest pieces which buyers are not confident enough to push. So here they are for the fashion hunters. Above are 2 looks from Cyana Boutique. “The Looks” is our favorite section and the foundation concept of the online. This is where people are styled in gear available online and shot by our favorite LA paparazzi, Joe. The Photograph is then dissected, highlighting all the pieces of the outfit and making them just a click away from purchasing. Brands available online: Aiaiai, And i, Art Force One, Epic Firm, Kanvis, Nic Nat, NSF, PHCY, Plain Gravy, Posso the Spat, Silver Spoon Attire, Stampd’, Toy Me, Unif, Vintage


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