Henk Hofstra’s Blue Road

Henk Hofstra Blue Road Henk Hofstra Blue Road
Henk Hofstra created an urban river in Drachten, The Netherlands. His “Blue Road” installation features 1000 meters of a blue painted road and the phrase ” Water is Life” written in eight-meter-high letters across it. The Blue Road is reminscent of the waterway that used to be where the road is now. A memorial to nature, it is an intriguing artistic gesture to reinforce the street as a space and place. Keep checking Google Earth to see if it will show up on the map.
Thanks to Wooster Collective for the photos!

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1 Response to Henk Hofstra’s Blue Road

  1. kozel says:

    it looks like there was a bit of inspiration from the Christos right there. but nevertheless its rad!

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