Cavern For Wallpaper and Interior Design

cavern-horse.jpg cavern-horse2.jpg

Started by Carly Margolis and Ophir Tanz, Cavern was a life-long dream by two design-oriented friends who saw a need for an industry renaissance in interior design. The two aim to bring abstracted natural elemnts into urban spaces, and the designs are all inspired from the natural world and clean lines of mid-century modern architecture. At the top is the Cavalry wallpaper. From afar, it looks very graphic and stylized. However, the pattern seen is actually 2 mirrored horse heads.

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1 Response to Cavern For Wallpaper and Interior Design

  1. I appreciate the fact that so many designers are still standing behind wall paper. Many homeowners despise it, and in the staging industry, it is a definite no-no. The problem in real estate is that wallpaper is so personal in taste, easily outdated, and a lot of work to remove. If someone doesn’t plan on moving too soon, then go for it! I love it and tend to use it in all my commercial projects.

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