Weird Science: Aiko the Robot

‘Member that ’80s movie Weird Science? Two computer nerds create Lisa, a hot robot from a computer program. 20 years later, Trung Le presented emale android named Aiko this month. According to Project Aiko, she can conversate, read up to size 12 font, learn new things in conversations, can solve math problems visually, and is able to differentiate between colors, foods, and beverages. Future Aiko promises to have a more advanced taste bud system, develop a breathing system, enhanced functional ability like canceling your meetings and make appointments, relay your messages by email or MSN to any person from your address book, and best of all, she will come equipped with the ability to massage shoulders and neck.


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One Response to Weird Science: Aiko the Robot

  1. jamie sorkin says:

    she does not like her boobs touched…..but thank god she can differentiate between colors?!?!? i bet she would dig the labs clothes….

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