Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Until recently, the world’s most expensive dessert was from Sri Lanka, called the ” Fortress Aquaramine” and cost a mere $14,500. New York City’s Upper East Side restaurant Serendipity 3 can put the fortress to shame. At $25,000 their Frrrozen Haute Chocolate completely clears out any further competition. The dessert consists of 28 different cocoas, and 5 grams of edible 24k gold. It is served in a goblet lined with edible gold and comes with a gold spoon, decked out in white and chocolate covered diamonds and crowned with an 18k gold bracelet with 1 carat diamond. The diner is intended to keep both the spoon and bracelet.

What do you think the tip is on a $25,000 dessert?

Serendipity: the art of finding pleasant things by chance, and it’s ironic that this past Wednesday, inspectors pleasantly found a coackroach, mice, and fly infestation by chance at Serendipity 3.


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