The Crazy Robertson

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John Wesley Jermyne

Inspiration comes from all walks of life, and in LA it’s poignant that the newest trend doesn’t stem from a celebrity but from a 56-year-old homeless man. John Wesley Jermyn has been a street nomad for 20 years, and is considered a cultural staple on Robertson Blvd, home to Kitson ala celebrities and paparazzi. This derelict inspiration has created a new clothing line called “The Crazy Robertson.” With all seriousness, we LOVE THIS GUY! His whole look, it just WORKS! But I cant say the same about the new t-shirt line that has used this trademark of LA as a marketing tool more than an inspiration. I was excited to read about it in the Wall Street Journal, but nevertheless disappointed by the execution. All of these t-shirt lines popping up left and right are the reason that LA fashion reputation is hurting. One could take Mr. Jermyn’s image and develop a concept that translates into something far more sophisticated and interesting, but i guess thats not where most Angelenos interests lie.


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