PHCY Launches Flagship Store in Milan

Four years after its debut, after collecting successful results in 400 shops all across the world
Pharmacy-Industry opens its first flagship store in Milan.

Pharmacy Industry also known as PHCY was conceived by young designer Davide Martelli who has quickly become a star
among “street couture” brands. After an excellent feedback from accurately selected shops in Italy, Spain, France, Great
Britain, United States and Asia he decided to fix the brand’s positioning by opening the first flagship store “PHCY STORE
MILANO” in via Vetere 7, milan’s latest nest of young fashion designers, during the smashing mialnese fashion week.
Pharmacy Industry, well known for its famous “stars and hexagons” pattern which has been copied over and over, has never
jeopardized its integrity despite the massification of many streetstyle labels keeping high quality standards and a persisting
research in developing new collections which are exclusively produced in Italy.
Time after time Pharmacy has been invited to Pitti Uomo for being one of the most innovativ and successful brands. At the
same time Pharmacy-Industry never missed out important trade shows like Bread & Butter first in Berlin and then in Barcelona,
Rendezvous in Paris, Las Vegas and New York.
The project:
Pietro Matteo Foglio of In-Site planning & building, creator of I.Net’s futuristic Business Factory, designed the new shop
together with De Francesco + Silva, fully reflecting the “Pharmacy Style”. A mixture of an atomic bunker and the garage of
your personal spaceship where raw concrete and unrefined wood suggest a post-industrial atmosphere inspired at Pharmacy’s
latest collection “Sci Fi Fever”. The electric system runs along the walls through all-steel tubes spaced out by industrial
switches. The writings on the wall of the mezzanine quote real comments people (fans and not-fans) left on PHCY’s website!
The shop’s window is dominated by an impressive missile. The shiny white surface and the PHCY rosette play down it’s
dramatic symbolism and emphazise it’s pure aesthetic value. With this project the designers created a contemporary space
which allows humans either to hide or to blast off and live our world – in the Pharmacy Industry way.
PHCY s.r.l.
Via Cusani, 5 – 20121 Milano Italy
Tel. +39 02 36522124 Fax. +39 02 36522221


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