Beyond Fashion…


Following the work of Henrik Vibskov has been a great inspiration for me.
Whenever I am feeling discouraged by the lack of ideas and presence of
new designers I turn to the Virtual World of Henrik Vibskov. The image
above is from an installation called “LAND OF BLACK CARROTS”. It was
built for the exhibition of his AW0708 Collection in Paris at Galerie Richard.
Henrik is able to add a dimention of fantasy to his design that pulls the viewers
into a world he has created. The clothing is just an accessory to that fantasy.
To see the video and other images visit the link above.


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2 Responses to Beyond Fashion…

  1. kake says:

    Yeah! Cool stuff, i like the visual world, really interesting and weird!! I like it!

  2. lala says:

    check out the mens collection… this shit is insane, love the yellow noses on those cute boys, what brilliance! and love the black carrot field… cant wait to check out the exhibits online!

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